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The areas listed below are readily accessible, but remember that any good-quality forest with mature trees and well-developed understory –especially subtropical forest, warm and cool broadleaved forests, and oak, fir and hemlock forests-is like to be good area for bird watching.


Forests along Road from Sengor to Lingmethang

Sengor( 3050m) to Namling( 2360m)

Habitat: hemlock forest, cool broadleaved forest.

Best time to visit: April/May

Birds: Satyr Tragopan, Bar-winged Wren Babbler, Fire –tailed Myzornis( rare).

Namling( 2360m) to Yongkhala( 1700m)

Habitat: Cool broadleaved.warm broadleaved forest.

Best time to visit: November-early May

Birds: Chestnus-breasted Partidge , Yellow-rumpedHoneyguide , Rufous-necked Hornbill, Ward’s Trogan , collared Treepie , Lesser Shortwing, White-gorgeted Flycatcher , Rufous-breasted Bush Robin, Blue-fronted Robin, Purple Cocha, Broad- billed Warber, Grey-sided Laughingthrush, Slender-billed Scimitar Babbler, Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler, Rufuous-throated Wren Babbler, Cutia, Golden- breasted Fulvetta, Yellow-throated Fulvetta, White-napedYuhina, Greater Rufous –headed Parrotbill.

Yongkhala( 1700) to Lingmithang( 650m)

Habitat: Warm broadleaved forest

Best time to visit: November-early May.

Birds: Rufuos-bellied Hawk Eagle, Collared Tree pie, Yellow-vented Warber.

Nuthatch, Grey-sided Laughing thrust, Yellow-throated Fulvetta, White-napedYuhina, Gold-naped Finch


Forests along road from Narphung La to SamdrupJongkhar

Habitat: Subtropical forest

Best time to visit: November-early May

Birds: Pale-headed Woodpecke, Blue-eared Barbet, Wreath Hornbill,

Ward’s Trogon, Blyth’s Kingfisher, Violet Cuckoo, Dark-rumped Swift, Rufous –bellied Eagle, Pied Falconet, Silver-breasted Broad bill, Rufous-breasted Bush Robin, Yellow-vented Warbler, Blue-winged, Laughingthrust, Red-faced Liocichla, Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler, White – Gorgeted Flycatcher, Beautiful Nuthatch, Grey –sided Laughingthrust, Yellow-throated Fulvetta, White-napedYuhina, Gold-naped Finch.

Deothang( 850m) to SamdrupJongkhar( 250m)

Habitat: Subtropical forest

Best time to visit: November-early May

Birds: Pale-headed Woodpecker, Blue-eared Barbet, Wreath Hornbill, Ward’s Trogon, Blyth’s King Fisher, Violet Cuckoo, Dark-rumped Swift, Rufuos – bellied Eagle, Pied Falconet, Silver-breasted Broadhill, Rufuos-breasted Bush Robin, Yellow-vented Warber, Blue-winged Laughingthrust, Red-faced Liocichla, Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler, White-napedYuhina, Greater Rufuos-headed Parrotbill.

Forests along Road from Rimchu to Tashithang, Mo Chhu valley  north of  Punakha 1700m JigmeDorji National Park

Habitat: Warm broadleaved forest.

Best time to visit: November-Early May.

Birds: White- bellied Heron ,White-goegeted flycatcher , Yellow- vented Warbler.

Mochhu valley 5-6km North of WangduePhodrang (c.1300m)

Habitat: River.

Best time to visit: November to Early April.

Birds: Variety of ducks and other water birds.

Trek from Tashithang 1700m to Laya 3850m JigmeDorji National Park.

Best time for trek: April – Early May.

Recommended time: 10 days returning same way and including 6 days trekking

Tashithang 1700m to Damji 2430m



Treking time: 1 Day.

Habitat: Warm bfoadleaved forest.

Birds: Ward’s Trogon, Lesser shortwing.


Damji 2770m to Koina 3200m to Laya 3850m

Trekking time: 1day

Habitat: Cool broadleaved forest.

Birds: Black-tailed crake(Gasa),Grey-sided Laughingthrush,Slender-billed Scimitar Babbler,Golden-breasted Fulvetta,BrownParrotbill.

Gasa 2770m to Koina 3200m to Laya 3850m

Trekking time: 2 days.

Habitat: Cool broadleaved, mixed broadleaved/coniferous, fir spruce and Junipers forest.

Birds: Satyr Tragopan, Rafous- brested Bush Robin ,PurpleCochoa, yellowish- billed Bush warbler, fire tailed Myzornis, Fulvous Parrotbill ,Gold-naped finch.


DrulgyelDzong to Jagothang 2580m  to 4090m JigmeDorji National Park

Best time trek: May to June.

Recommended time to trek: 8 days.

Birds: Good for alpine-zone species around and above  Jangothang: TobetantSnowcock,Tibetan partridge, ibisbill, Himalayan Griffon, Golden eagle, White-throated Dipper,Grandala,White-billied Redstart.


Forest above Dodena2575m below Cheri Monastry on trail towards Shodu, Thimphu valley jigmeDorji national park

Habitat: Ock forest.

Best time to visit: April – May

Birds: Spotted laughingthrush, fire-caped Tit, Golden-breasted Fullvetta, yellow-billed Flowerpecker, Maroon- backed Accenter winter.


Phubjikha valley 3050m

Japanse Quail in crops May to June, Black-neck crane Marshes ,latelate October- mid April.

Forests on East side of Dochula 3115m along the pack-horseTrail.

Habitat: Fir,rhododendron, oak and bamboo forest.

Best time to visit: April/May.

Birds:SatyrTragopan,Rofous-breasted Bush robin, slender- billed scimitar babbler, Gold –naped finch.


Forest by Road  over Pelela pass(3390m)


Habitat:  Fir, rhododendron and bamboo forest.

Best time time  visit: April/May

Birds:  Yellowish- billed bush Warbler, fir tailed Myzornis,Greatparrotbill, Maroom- backed accenter(Winter).



Habitat: Fields, river.

Best time ti visit: March – May, October- early November.

Birds: Ibisbill. Spring and autumn migrants e.g. Pipits.


Torsa River at Phuntsholing (150m)

Habitat: River and shingle banks and islands.

Best time to visit: November – April.

Birds: good for Passage migrants and wintering waders, Wagtails, Pipits; also egrets small Pratincole.

















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