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Dear 7Brothers, 


This post just to share our experience in Buthan...

With a friend we decided this year to go to Buthan and we chose asupposed risky period for the weather but still highly recommandable for the many festivals being organized. In fact we travelled in Buthan from 20th to the end of september and it was simply fantastic.

With the help of the agency we found on internet "7 brothers tours andtravels" we did the classical trip from western to central Buthan. This is a professional created company and his boss, Pema, added a lot to our trip taking care personally of us during a large part of the trip.

Hence, we had the opportunity to discover the Buthanese culture, the festivals (Tsechu) and history which was as good as we always imagined it !

I have being travelling a lot and I must admit that I barely found such an authentic country. The cost of a ten day trip to Buthan approaches 2 200 USD by pax but is worth, and Pema will also try his best to reduce the final bill without impact on the quality of the services provided. Anyway you can consider this amount as a full package since we even did not spend the 100 USD we change on our arrival.

At your disposal for any questions about this country or on our experience !



I am thinking of going to Bhutan using 7 Brothers this November. Did you book the air tickets yourself? And how did you organise the bank transferfor the government tourist tariff?




I visited Bhutan last December 2013 and I booked my own international flights from USA to Thailand with Cathay Pacific and from Thailand to Parowith Druk Air. Pema, the owner of 7 Brothers and Tours, helped me with confirming my tickets with Druk Air based in Bhutan. Pema is a very helpful and trustworthy person who is willing to help his client and will even do an extra mile. Pema did the entire tariff and I just needed to wire money and he is very reliable. I highly recommend that you connect with him and he will work with you in every step of the way. He treats his guest not just a client but as a friend as well...that's how I felt. I hope this helps.





I am from Beijing and I had group of 30 people to visit Bhutan in November, 2013. I was Tour Leader and was organized by our Chinese travel agent and which was my first trip to Bhutan.  Before traveling to Bhutan we were briefed by our local Chinese agent about Bhutan trip before reaching there.  However, I was bit concern because it was my first time to visit Bhutan. We reached Kathmandu on 11 November 2013 and next flight was to Bhutan. I was really worried how I can organize this trip because that group was really trough to organize because they were highly professional people who need to give more attention and moreover they don’t speak English.  Therefore, I was really concern how Bhutan agent and myself will handle that group.

We met Chinese guide and representative from 7 Brothers Tours and Travels at Airport. They greeted us at airport by their traditional offering of Khadars that was their traditional way of welcoming.  The Chinese guide Mr. Jamyang and one of 7 Brothers Mr. Sonam was so friendly on the day they received us from Paro airport. They know us requirement as we feel they are really professional tour operator. They were really cooperative to organize that group and they seek help from me regarding their needs etc. we were discussed every evening how we can organize that trip for the next day therefore I found our plan made us interesting with the group even though the group was really trough to organize. So I felt easy to work with them as they know what was to be done with that group because for Chinese tourists they know what kind of attention to be given. And hopefully they must know what kind of attention to be given to other people also.

The unique service that we found from this company was while hiking to Tiger’s Nest. My most tension was how I can organize hike to Tiger’s nest as some people are old and some people don’t know how to ride on the horse because some had had no experience before to hike and ride on the horse  but 7 Brothers Tours and Travels made us very simple.

During that day I felt proud in front of my guests as few men probably  horsemen I could see for other groups but there were   4 helpers were  on the spot from 7 Brothers Tours and Travels to help for us to ride the horse till up to tiger’s nest.  They organized us picnic lunch for that day and we have happily enjoyed in the scenic forest near Tiger’s nest.


and moreover they also know and the way that they organized trip was really professional because my people were really glad of their way of attention to us and I feel like I was on guests with my group and I released all my tension to organize that trip. We discussed each and every guest about their interest and never let us down to fulfill our group’s requirements. We departed sadly on 15th November at airport.

I will always like to go to Bhutan with 7 Brothers Teams that made me very easy job as Tour Leader and I will never regret to say that I can work with 7 Brothers in future as Agent if I get opportunity.

Mr WANG PU from Beijing  

Our Services

The company’s main aim is to bring fewer tourists with high quality service where we can provide each and every attention to customer. We begin with the slogan” Service is Key to your Happiness” 7 Brothers Tours and Travels is set to make your journey to Bhutan a dream experience for you. We are here to provide you service and take care of everything from the moment you step on the enthralling” Land of Gross National Happiness”. We offer best hotels for your accommodation, which has all services to compose you “Your Home Away from Home”. Our multi-cuisine restaurant serves lovely Bhutan’s very own fragility as well as other cuisines to give you the best of cooking contentment and we offer cooking style as per your choice for Ala Carte system. Verities of refreshment will be served at the various points during your journey. Picnic lunch will be served where ever possible to insert to the experience.

We provide you luxury cars to ensure you a very comfortable and realizable mode of transportation on the back roads. Our professional tour guides will escort you to the wonderlands of Bhutan. You can access to our entire tour packages. 


Objective and Mission

Our objective is to customers make Bhutan their home away from home. Our mission is to persuade every customer to come back Bhutan. We have always kept the motto “Our customer satisfaction is the most priority”.

Overseas Agent

7 Brothers Tours and Travels is dedicated to English speaking countries, however our customers are almost from all over the world. We have professional experienced tour guides fluently speaking English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese and planning to employ permanent Thai guide in our company. Among our valued foreign partners, we have close partnership with big travel agents and wholesales in Thailand Taiwan, China, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Belgium. And we also strive to get direct clients from Trip Advisor and word of mouth. 


We provide following Transportation within Bhutan

Toyota Coaster Bus Luxury: 14 sitters/ 22 sitters 

Japanese Hiace Bus/ High Roof : 8 sitters

H1 Bus Korean made : 4 sitters

 Sante Fee


We provide the best accommodations for you.